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The company was founded on December 27, 1997 (with bank account opened at BRD Brazda lui Novac Agency since the beginning) in the fiscal registration certificate under no. J 16 / 1349 / 1997. The company's tax code is 10057470, has a registered capital of 200,000 RON and as partners: Corici Emil - 90% and Corici Stefania Renata - 10%. The main activity: CAEN Code 4632 - Wholesale meat.

The company has accounts with only the BRD Agency Brazda lui Novac and Treasury.

The two partners began wholesale trade activity in 1997, to fit as a family business in a rented space in Frigorifer Craiova, without employees and with a single means of transport goods. Gradually won the trust of important producers in the country, has increased its fleet and number of employees, work is focused on wholesale trade and retail poultry meat, eggs and poultry, fish and fish products, meat pork, beef and dairy.

Currently, 12 years of its establishment, the company has 60 employees, a fleet of 25 cars for supply and distribution and a turnover which place it among the largest food distribution company in Oltenia..

Also since the company made in October 2007 and income from renting storage and offices, and storage activities buffer (according to EU requirements transfer of TIR trucks of food stores should be done only in a refrigerated warehouse TUV approved, and TIR access sites in cities is banned), according to contracts concluded: No lease. 2007/22.04.2008 with SC Unicarm SRL, contract no. 188/18.10.2007 with SC Macromex SRL, contract no. 855/26.02.2008 with SC C & R COM SERV SRL, contract no. 1454/21.08.2008 with SC ANA & CORNEL SRL, contract no. 160/30.01.2009 with SC DANONE SRL, contract no. 244/06.02.2009 with SC FODEMI SRL..

The company makes no direct imports, but about 60% of imported goods is distributed from Belgium, Brazil, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic. Currently the company has 50 employees, being the policy adopted to reduce labor costs and employee efficiency. Of these, 80% are directly productive: distributors, drivers, sales agents, etc. 20% are TESA personal..

The supply of providers is the delivery of goods by them directly to the storage spaces of society. Deadline for payment of suppliers is between 14 to 30 days and their payment is made solely by the bank.

The medium storage of goods is 20 days, this time preceded by selling their Flint to customers. For 70% of customers, S.C. REMIA is carrying goods through its own car park and the remaining 30% is not carrying. Receiving customers are made in the proportion of 30% by the bank at time between 10 to 15 days and 70% of revenues in cash form's dress and are collected by salespeople.

What's going to be next?

For the period from the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010 the company wants to adopt a policy differentiated by potential area in terms of balance volumen - added. Currently the addition average charged is 10%. There will be areas where policy sales will focus on volumes and added practiced will be approximately 10% and there will be other areas where they will focus on margin practiced, the margin will increase to 15%.

In terms of investment - the new Frigorifer - this is completed and months since October 2009 will begin to generate cash inputs in the Company's cash flow.

The building includes:

  • 9 cold storage total area of 1 098.70 mp
  • 1 show-room where he will practice selling both wholesale and retail
  • presentation and sales section surface of 367.20 mp
  • 10 offices on the first floor with areas ranging from 33.85 mp and 43.45 mp
  • 1 room Protocol surface of 161.50 mp
  • 1 hall meetings in area of 73.20 mp
  • 1 ramp receipt
  • 2 ramps delivery
  • 4 social groups
  • 2 changing rooms
  • 1 dinning room
  • concrete platform and enclosed fence
  • utilities
  • parking lot

Finisajele sunt reprezentate de termohidroizolatie, instalatie electrica, instalatie aerisire, instalatie climatizare, instalatii frigorifice, rigips (birouri), sapa elicopterizata.

O parte din personalul existent va fi relocat la Frigoriferul cel nou impunandu-se necesitatea a 4 posturi paza - 2 pentru interior cladire, 2 pentru exterior, administratori specializati pe domenii - electricitare, sistem frig, vanzari, etc, dar si 4 salariati la postul de prezentare si vanzare en-gross si en-detail al lui Remia, respectiv 2 manipulanti si 2 vanzatoare. Va fi nevoie si de un salariat personal intretinere.

Vor exista mai multe axe de activitate in noul Frigorifer pentru S.C. Remia:

  1. Inchirierea spatiilor de depozitare de la parter - cele 9 depozite frigorifice in suprafata desfasurata totala de 1 098.70 mp; in urma acestei activitati societatea estimeaza ca va avea incasari de aproximativ 32 000 euro + TVA/luna, tinand cont de chiria minima practicata de 30 euro/mp. Deja au fost relocati aici SC ANA & Cornel SRL, SC UNICARM SRL, C&R CONSERV SRL, acestia atat produse congelate cat si refrigerate. Totodata exista discutii in vederea incheierii contractelor de inchiriere, aflate in diverse stadii, cu: SC Freezland SRL, SC Betty Ice SRL, SC Simona Bals SRL, SC Aldis, SC Medeus, SC Unicarm, SC Unilact, SC Kinder, Ferrero Rocher.
  2. Inchirierea spatiilor birouri - 10 la numar. Se estimeaza incasari de 4000 euro + TVA/luna tinand cont de o chirie minima de 10 euro/mp. In caz de solicitari suplimentare cele 10 birouri mai pot fi departamentate in functie de necesitatile clientilor.
  3. Inchiriere spatiu de prezentare si desfacere. Aici vor fi amplasate vitrine frigorifice identice (sunt deja achizitionare de catre S.C. Remia). Se vor comercializa produse congelate, refrigerate, lactate, se vor incerca chiar si cu fructe si legume. Profitul estimat a fi obtinut este de 5000 euro/luna dupa deducerea tuturor cheltuielilor. Aici Remia va avea propria vitrina, si aparte de aceasta va detine magazinul de peste, care conform normelor UE, chiar daca este in aceasi incinta, este separat de restul produselor comercializate.
  4. In sala de protocol se vor putea servi minuturi cat si bauturi racoritoare, cafea, etc de catre salariatii firmei si chiriasi; aceasta activitate mai poate aduce un profit lunar de 1000 - 1500 euro/luna.
  5. Se vor incheia la inceputul anului 2010 contracte cu societatile chiriase pentru sterilizarea masinilor de transport marfa la spalatoria proprie; se pot estima venituri de 200 euro/luna.
  6. La frigoriferul cel vechi se vor pastra activitatile de cross - doking pentru care exista contracte cu Campofrio si Macromex si discutii cu Danone, Caroli, Unilact cat si activitatea de manipulare, depozitare gestionare ce pot fi intreprinse in favoarea societatii cat si in favoarea altor societati contra cost.